Force or Flexibility Method

Deflections by Virtual Work


Deflections by Virtual Work


Deflections by Virtual Work


Deflections by Virtual Work


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Displacement Method / Stiffness Method

Finite Element Analysis of Typical Steel Girder Structure for Overload Vehicles


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Moment Distribution



Moment Distribution



Moment Distribution


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Principal Effects of Axial Load on Moment-Distribution Analysis of Rigid Structures

Method of Sections / Method of Joints


Method of Sections / Method of Joints

Method of Joints

Pile Foundation Design


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Retaining Wall Selection KBS

Project by Dr Ian Smith

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Slope Deflection Method


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Slope Deflection Method


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Seismic Moment Distribution Revisited: I. Statistical Results


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Seismic Moment Distribution Revisited: I. Moment Conservation Principle


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What is Civil Engineering?

Project by Ian Smith

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Keeping Your Malaysian Home Cool


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CAD Related Programs





CAD Version Converter

To convert AutoCAD files between different versions without the need of AutoCAD *FREE*[id]83021[cid]36[SiteID]


Engineering Related Programs Links





Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s Moment Distribution Programs

Free Structural Programs (Moment Distribution Program with Calculations) – by Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s 2D Truss in DOS

Free Structural Software With Source Code – by Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s 2D Pin-Jointed Truss 2002

Free Engineering Programs 2D Pin-Jointed Truss 2002 – by Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s Excel 2D Truss Analysis 2004

2D Pin-Jointed Truss Analysis using Excel – by Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s 3D Truss in DOS

By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s Grids

(Free Engineering Program) By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s 2D Frame Analysis

By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s FEM Evaluator for WAP-enabled Mobile Phones

(Free Engineering Application) By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s Rectangular Beam Design

BS8110 - By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP


Alam Jurutera Perunding (AJP) Sdn. Bhd.’s WAP Structural Programs ©

To design rectangular beams to BS 8110 on Mobile Phones - By Ir Tee Horng Hean of AJP



Analysis of Plane Frames



A Program to Analyse Plane Frames by Enes Šiljak. He has also included the some theory on his program. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


ACE Single Module beta 1.15.1


ACE Multi Module beta 2.7.1


ACB Design of CELLULAR BEAMS version 2.01


AFCB Composite Beam Design according Eurocode 4 (ENV 1994-1-2) Version 3.06 February 2002


AFCB Composite Beam Design according Eurocode 4 (ENV 1994-1-2) Version 3.06 February 2002


AFCC Composite Column Fire Design according Eurocode 4 (ENV 1994-1-2) Version 3.02 March 2002


CATALOGUE Beams Selection program version 1.2001


CCD Composite Column Design according Eurocode (ENV 1994-1-1)


IFBwin Integrated Floor Beams version 5.20 Apreil 2002


MUST Predesign of multi-storey structures


PORTAL Predesign of Single Span Portal Frames according to Eurocode 3


PSL Predesign Software Library Steel Elements (Beams + Columns) Composite Elements


TRUSSES Predesign of Large Span Trusses according to Eurocode 3

Atlas 1.20


Free beam analysis program.



Beam / Frame Analysis


BeamBoy Beam Analysis Tool

A utility for calculating engineering stresses and deflections in structural beams and shafts.
BeamBoy is freeware.



Free composite and non-composite simple steel beam design to BS 5950.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Graphically creating, editing and analysing continuous beams and supports an Office OLE Automation Interface (i.e. it is able to interact with Microsoft Excel)

Brickwork, Reinforced Concrete, Structural Analysis, BS 5950, BS 449, Section Properties,

Skeleton, Unit Conversion



Continuous Beam Bridge (English & SI units)
Continuous Frame Bridge (English & SI units)
Truck Load on Simple Span



Natural Frequency of Grids
Natural Frequency of Plane Frames(Eng.Units)
Natural Frequency of Plane Frames(SI Units)
Plane Frame Analysis (with Stiffness Given Option)
Beam Fixed End Forces
Rectangular Plate FEM (Eng. & SI units)  
Orthogonal Slab and Beam Structure
In-Plane Forces Acting on Rigid Horizontal Diaphragm
Analysis of a Continuous Beam
Column Analogy to Find F.E.F. for a Non-Prismatic Beam
Finite Difference Analysis of Rectangular Plates (Eng. & SI units)
Senondary Prestressing Moments  
Determinant of a Band Matrix



Space Truss Analysis (English units)
Space Frame Analysis (English & SI units)
simple Space Frame  
Multiple Member Releases for a beam in a Space Frame  
Multiple Member Releases for a beam in a Plane Frame  
Limit Analysis of Steel Frames (English & SI units)
Plane Frame with beams of infinitely rigid ends
Plane Frame Analysis with walls
Second Order Analysis of Plane Frames (English units)
Second Order Analysis of Plane Frames (SI units)
Four Bolt Unstiffened Extended End-Plate
Eight Bolt Stiffened Extended End-Plate
Buckling of Steel Frames
Critical Buckling Load of a Column
Intermediate Moments and Shears  
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors  
Base Plate Design




Program for solving 3-D frames and beam type structures by the finite element method.



Composite Column Design to Eurocode 4 (ENV 1994-1-1).

Excel Application for Beam System








Mechanical / Civil Engineering Programs


Fastrak Simple Beam by CSC


Free Computer Programs From Florida DOT

Atlas, Biaxial Column, Brufem & Salod, Cantilever, Drilled Shaft Design for Sign and Signal Structures, FB-Pier, LRFD Box Culvert, High Mast, LRFD Live Load Generator, LRFD Prestressed Beam, LRFD Retaining Wall, MastArm, Multi-Post Sign, Section Properties, Strain, Vessel Impact, Pile Bent, etc.

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FEM Programs

3D FEM Package, 2D FEM Package, Beam Analyser, Torsion Analyser, Truss Analyser, Vibrations Plotter, Graph Plotter.



Rectangular Mat Foundation (variable Soil Modulus)
3-Dim. Pile Cap Analysis (English units)
3-Dim. Pile Cap Analysis (SI units)
Beam on an Elastic Foundation

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory

Catalogues 1589 programs in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Foundation Engineering, Hydrogeology, Geoenvironmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation and lists 805 worldwide suppliers and publishers of these programs.

Geotechnical Engineering Software using Excel

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (This webpage is in foreign language)




3D Finite Element Beam / Truss Program



Multi-Physics Finite Element Analysis Program




Structural Analysis and Design Tool for Engineers  to solve Simple beam, Continuous Beams, Cantilever Beam, Pinned Frame, Multi-bay Pinned Frame and Box culvert.



General Purpose Analysis and Optimal Design System for Civil Structures

Purlin Sizer

Bauer Consult is a structural and civil engineering consultant owned and run by Carl Bauer, a chartered structural and civil engineer (Pr Eng CEng MIStructE MICE MBIE) in England and Botswana. An Excel spreadsheet file which uses the information from the Cold Formed Lipped Channel spreadsheet to automatically size CFLC purlins is downloadable from Bauer Consult’s homepage.



Reinforcement bars calculator. *FREE*




Plane Frame Analysis with Non-Linear Semi-Rigid Conn.
Plane Frame with Constant Value Semi-Rigid Conn.
Properties of a Prismatic Beam-Column



Free Finite Element Analysis

Structural Engineering Analysis Programs


Bridges, Buildings and Foundations


Structural Engineers Association of California’s Structural Programs


Many Useful Structural Programs

Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering


Chris Buczkowski’s Web page C


SY Pilecap


SY Perunding’s Pilecap Programs

Timber Beam Design Software


Trial Software

Timber Design Software (Top1 NL design)

Tool for timber structures. Optimizes a wide range of structure types, from simple beams and purlins, through boomerang beams and portals. Used by thousands of architects, engineers and other professionals in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and many other countries.

UniPhase 2.1


Free program to select soil density and calculating phase system parameters such as void ratio, dry density, and degree of saturation.

Visual Basic for Excel


Ir Lau Ah Leng’s Web page


 Engineering Related Spreadsheet Programs Links





Inch-foot calculations

Section properties of a plate girder

IBC2003 edition

Calculation for Fire life Safety and Structural loading based on IBC 2000 and 2003 edition. Also calculation for Snow load. Intended as an educational tool for the learning and understanding of IBC 2000, IBC 2003 and ASCE7-02 edition. Performs both Fire Life Safety (chapter 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 29) and Structural (Snow, wind, earthquake Load, Chapter 16) . Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later. The application is freeware, so feel free to distribute. The application is created by Yo Ratanapeanchai, SE. Any question please E-mail me at

Eccentric bolt group connection by LRFD 2nd Edition.

Two-cycle Moment Distribution - R/C Beam


 Free Source Code Links / Forums




Planet Source Code

Code 4 U





Institution / Professional Body Links


Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia

Board of Engineers Malaysia

Building Surveyors and Consultants, Malaysia

Institution of Engineers Australia

Institution of Structural Engineers

Malaysian Institute of Management

Malaysian National Computer Confederation

The Institution of Engineers Malaysia

The Institution of Highway & Transportation (IHT)


 Search Engines







 Useful Tables




Table of Fixed End Moments

South African Steel Tables

ARCELOR Steel Sections Tables (European, British, American, Japanese)




 Utilities Related Programs





Adobe Reader

To read PDF files

Drive Scrubber

If you wish to permanently ensure your free space of your disk is free from private information, we recommend Drive Scrubber

Freeware Home

Lots of Freeware including Accounting, Address Books, Business Specific, Calculators, Converters, Database, Date / Time Management, Fax Utilities, Finance, Investment, Labels, Business Cards, Microsoft Office, Office Suite, Telephony, Word Processing, Cosmetic Tools, Cursors, Desktop Management, Fun Stuff, Icons, Pranks, Screen Savers, Startup Screens, Themes, Wallpaper, Education, Games, 3D Graphics, Animation, Video, Drawing, CAD, Font Tools, Graphics Viewers / Editors, Anti Spam Tools, HTML Editors, etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint Reader

To view Microsoft PowerPoint Files

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Microsoft Word Reader

To view Microsoft Word Files

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Pandora Recovery

Did you lose certain important file by deleting it from your Recycle Bin? We recommend Pandora Recovery to solve this problem of yours!

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True Crypt

If you want privacy and you do not wish people to snoop unto your precious data, we recommend True Crypt

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Similar to WinZip – Voted NoNags 6 Best and Top Award for Completely FREE Programs

Simple File Shredder 3.2

Simple File Shredder is a utility that securely deletes your files so they can't be restored using recovery software. When you delete a file using the conventional Windows delete method, the file is not actually destroyed. Windows simply acknowledges the file is no longer needed and considers it free space. The deleted file will exist in a recoverable state until it's over-written with other data. When you use Simple File Shredder to shred a file, the file is over-written with with random bytes before it's deleted. If the file was ever restored using recovery software, it would be worthless. Simple File Shredder v3 provides a new fully customizable System Shredder. Using the System Shredder, you can easily group browser cache, cookie, and history files to be located and shredded. Version 3.2 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.







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